Effective Date:  September 7, 2019


Wildfire Productions, Inc. (the “Company”) provides this Product Purchase and Refund Policy to explain its general pulicies related to the sale of any goods on this website. This Product Purchase and Refund Policy is also incorporated into the Michael Martin Murphey Website Terms of Use Agreement.


  • How to Order Products and Services. You (the “User” or “Customer’) may purchase and order products on the Website (www.michaelmartinmurphey.com) by placing the desired product(s) in the virtual shopping cart and proceeding to checkout. Prior to placing an order, the User should make sure that the email address that the User has provided is correct and in full working order. Once payment has been processed, the Website will also automatically generate an Order Confirmation page with the Order Number (if any). The Company will confirm acceptance of any order by email to the email address supplied by the User. The sending of this email, whether or not the same is received by the User, is confirmation of the details of the order and of the contract between the User and the Company for the purchase of the product or service. The Company recommends that the User print and save a copy of the Order Confirmation page for future reference.
  • Customer Service. Every effort is made by the Company to ensure that orders placed through the Website are handled correctly. In the case of errors, Company will endeavor to remedy, replace, or refund goods as quickly as possible from the time of being made aware of the situation.
  • Duty to Notify. It is the responsibility of the Customer to immediately notify the Company if there are any delivery problems or if the product the Customer orders and receives is not as described on the Website. Customers may send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Limitation of Liability. The Customer’s sole remedy in any action at law against the Company related to the purchase and/or use of any goods or services offered through the Website, whether offered by the Company or a third party, is limited only to the recovery of the original purchase price.
  • Shipment & Delivery of Ordered Goods. The Company wants to deliver the Customers’ purchased goods from the Website as soon as possible!

All tangible products sold on the Website will be shipped to Customer’s shipping address within seven (7) business days. The Company will send the Customer an email confirming the shipment date and the tracking number for the applicable order within seven (7) business days of the tangible product’s shipment. All tangible products suld on the Website are shipped from the United States of America. Customer acknowledges and accepts that the delivery of any international orders, shipped outside the United States of America, may be further delayed, anywhere from six (6) weeks to four (4) months, by a foreign country’s boarder and customs department.

  • Return, Refund, and Exchange policies.
  • ALL REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES WILL BE ISSUED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS. Refunds and exchanges are only available for tangible products that have been returned to the Company or services that have not been rendered by the Company. Customers have up to thirty (30) days after the purchase and delivery of the applicable product or service to request a refund or exchange from Company. Customers must return the purchased product to Company before a refund or exchange will be considered. Customers are responsible for all shipping and handing costs to return the product to Company.   
  • Intangible products such as digital downloads may not be returned. Tangible products can be returned to the Company for a refund or exchange if the tangible product is damaged upon Customer’s receipt, or, in the case of a CD/DVD/Vinyl record purchase, such physical recordings does not function or play properly. However, no refunds or returns will be issued or accepted for personalized, autographed products, which are suld “as is.”

            iii.        Customers who desire to arrange for the return or exchange of a purchased tangible product must contact the Company at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and identify the Customer’s name, what product or service that the Customer ordered, the date the product or service was ordered, the complaint or issue the Customer has with the product or service purchased, the Order Number (if any), and explain how the Customer would like the Company to resulve the issue.  The Company will respond to such inquiry within seven (7) business days. If the tangible product is eligible for a return, the Company will provide the Customer with detailed instructions on where to return the product.

  • Once a purchased product has been returned to the Company, the Company will determine if a refund or exchange will be issued. Any refund or exchange will occur within five (5) business days of Company’s receipt of the returned product. All refunds will be credited sulely to the payment method used in the original transaction. 

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