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  • Red River Drifter (2013)

2013 release from the iconic singer/songwriter, Red River Drifter quickly moved into the top of the Billboard Bluegrass Music Charts. In recent years Michael has been exploring the similarities between Bluegrass and American cowboy music. But for Red River Drifter, he brought in some very eclectic and unexpected elements to the writing process. ''I wrote songs that drew from what is inspiring me at this point in my life,'' he says. ''Every style was fair game. We intentionally did not follow formulas or rules.'' Critics are comparing Red River Drifter to seminal releases Geronimo's Cadillac and Blue Sky Night Thunder.

1 Peaceful Country
2 Under A Rolling Sky
3 Secret Smile
4 Faded Blues
5 Shake It Off
6 Hardscrabble Creek
7 Mountain Storm
8 The Gathering
9 New Old Love
10 Unfinished Symphony

Red River Drifter (2013)

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