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  • Heartland Cowboy: Cowboy Songs V (2006)
Michael Martin Muphey's new "Heartland Cowboy" grew from his involvement with the PBS series, "America's Heartland." Unlike previous volumes of his work in mostly historic forms of cowboy music, "Heartland Cowboy" offers a more unsentimental and sometimes hard view of contemporary life outside the big city. This is not formula work. There is true art present - a dynamic range running through the entire human condition. 

1. Free Rein (Jessica’s Song)
2. Close To The Land
3. The Wheel Coms Around (Morgan’s Song)
4. Dry Lightning
5. Out of Line (Karen’s Song)
6. Long and Lonesome Ride To Dalhart
7. Storm Over The Rangeland (The Ballad of Kit Laney)
8. Ride Out The Storm
9. Bluebonnets
10. My Country Under God (Sarah’s Song)
11. America’s Heartland (Reprise) / Simple Gifts

Heartland Cowboy: Cowboy Songs V (2006)

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